The Founding Members

of the ASEAN Association of Eye Hospitals


Jakarta Eye Center


American Eye Center


New Members

Asian Eye Institute


Celebes Eye Center


Medan Eye Center


Galileo Eye center




Benchmarking Member

Benchmarking Member



1. The subscription payable by each Founding Member and Ordinary Member shall be as follows:-

• Joining Fee : USD 1,000
• Annual Fee : USD 750


2. The subscription payable by each Associate Member shall be as follows:-
• Joining Fee : USD 500
• Annual Fee : USD 350


3. The Annual Fee shall be payable to the Secretariat in advance within the month of January of each year.


4. Any member in arrears of 2 years Annual Fee shall receive a written notification signed by or on behalf of the President  and shall be denied the privileges of membership until  the arrears are settled.


5. Any member which allows its arrears to exceed 3 years Annual Fee shall automatically cease to be a member of ASEAN EYE.


6. The Council shall have the power to fix a re-Joining Fee for any member, which has allowed its membership to lapse through arrears.


7. Special subscription or levies for particular purposes, as for example Education Fund may be raised from members by resolution of a General Meeting. If any member fails to pay such subscription or levies within such period as may be resolved, the amount due shall be treated in the same way as arrears of Annual Fee.


8. The Council shall review the Joining Fee and Annual Fee from time to time.